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Our college offered variouscourses in Economics subject like UG, PG and Ph.D. College established in theyear of 1982. Earlier only UG programs B.A. was run by our college. B.A.Economics was also started in the college established year. M.A. in Economicswas started in 1986 in our college. TheProgram specific introductory courses in the Major introduce students toconcepts in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and applied fields of Economics.The students core theoretical foundations of Economics along with theirapplications to areas such as International Economics, Public Finance, GrowthEconomics, Statistics, Mathematical Economics and Indian Economy etc. Economics Program aimsto build up students to the theoretical, analytical frameworks and policy withinthe discipline of Economics. This program enables students to rationalizethrough analytical frameworks, evaluate empirical evidence and develop acritical approach to understanding interactions between theory and policy.Through this program students will examine a range of questions. Businesses competitionand how to manage to survive in a globalized economy. This program enable tomain drivers of the economy and how policies are formulated to promote growthand development with minimum degree of inequality across the country. Implicationof importance of taxation and government expenditure and its impact on thegrowth of the economy. Economics enables to learn mathematical models are used toexplain economic phenomenon. Analysisof production relations, labor relations and market relations became thesubject matters of Economics. This program is used by everyone like as individuals, businesses,governments and examines fundamental issues faced by societies:


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Dr. Devashish Haldar

Assistant Professor

M.A., NET & Ph.D

10 Years


  Mr. Jagdish Verma

Assistant Professor(Guest)

M.A. & SET

5 Years


  Mr. Gajendra Verma

Assistant Professor(Guest)


5 Years